Latin ballad speed recording with ardour

Today I recorded this one, it’s an old latin ballad which I heard from the italian singer/icon Mina

It has an awesome melody and a nice chord progression, which took me some hours to grasp completely.

I recorded it in ardour 2.8.14, since I switched from ubuntu to debian stable (FTW!) some months ago. The recording took about an hour, and it’s made of seven tracks plus a bus for reverb:

  • guide percussion (on the left)
  • guitar 1 (on the right)
  • bass
  • brushes (on the right)
  • voice
  • solo guitar
  • guitar 2 (on the left)

This is also the order in which I recorded them: I started with a bar of percussion (made banging on the guitar body) that I duplicated for the length of the song.

I did this because it is very difficult to multritrack all instruments on my own only with the click without sacrificing most of the groove. This trick helps to retain at least part of it.

Then I recorded the guitar (an Alhambra 5P with built in amplification) directly into an humble StudioProjects Vtb-1 and then into my trusty RME hammerfall.

The bass is a 90’s squier II precision bass through the same signal chain.

Then for the “brushes” I used a somewhat muted darbouka with a clothes brush, miked with a nice sennheiser md-421: the same one I used for the voice.

The preamp was again the Vtb-1. It’s not the best I have but is always plugged and very handy.

As for plugins, I used my preferred trio: Invada mono compressor on voice and bass, triple band parametric to cut some frequencies on the voice, and Gverb on a bus on its own as a global reverb. I sent mainly voice and solo guitar to the reverb, and also a bit of the two guitars, which are otherwise panned hard L and R.

I replaced some bad notes here and there, exported the file and opened it with mhwaveedit to cut the start and tail, and to boost a little the volume with a gently (I hope) touch of Barry Satan Maximizer.

The whole process take little more than one hour and a half, and the software behaved beautiffully without a single xrun. I feel that now I have reached a very fast workflow with ardour and Linux. Effective!

I hope you enjoy it, and if you are spanish-speaking, please forgive my pronunciation. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Latin ballad speed recording with ardour

  1. Merejo Herm says:

    Buen trabajo Limpio sin distorsión.Continua produciendo.

  2. xaccrocheur says:

    Now *that* is a complex melody.

    Dude, your blog is awesome. too bad it isn’t really RSS-compatible, because your avatar is the first image of *every* published post (?! see ? and so is displayed by every RSS reader as the illustration for each post.

    If you want readers, you should iron out this bug : this image is not even used on the website! I’m just saying this for you (and me) thank you again for the blog, a good FOSS home-studio ressource is hard to find.

    • emillo says:

      thanks for the kind comment. I wasn’t aware of the RSS problem… How do you suggest to fix it? I’m not so versed in wordpress…

      • xaccrocheur says:

        I don’t currently have a WP account handy, but last time I checked the configuration panel was pretty extensive, so look in it to see if there is a RSS item where you could uncheck “include my avatar in the RSS feed” 🙂 on the other hand, it could also be a plain WP bug.

  3. xaccrocheur says:

    Emilio, DL & install my RSS reader and see for yourself :

  4. xaccrocheur says:

    Emilio, I may have found a way, on this page ( where somebody had the same problem.

    Locate the .css file, and add this line at the very end (css files are red sequencially)

    .activity-content .activity-header img.avatar{display:none;}

    And see what it gives. If it works, I’ll show you how to integrate this in a cleaner way.

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